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Why Use Google Ads?

Here are some key reasons why you should be using google ads instead of social media & PR marketing
  • Google Ads revenue was over £90 billion in 2019... That’s a lot of clicks!
  • 92% of people searched for a restaurant online in the last 6 months
  • Google Ads convert 50% better than organic SEO
  • Google controls about 75% of all online searches
  • 20 million “Restaurants Near Me” searches made on Google every month worldwide
  • *Google Ads research.

What We Do

You’ve most likely spent a lot of money on social media & PR marketing to promote your restaurant But what benefit is it to your business if you can’t see or track your results?

No vanity marketing here... Just solid data!

Get You Seen Online

Get noticed online at the point diners are searching for restaurants.
Social media marketing typically interrupts users online activity disrupting their experience.

80% of tourists search Google & Google Maps for places to eat.
Social media brings no visibility to Google maps

Get You More Covers

Through PPC marketing you can target an unlimited amount of keywords. This means being seen at the top of Google to all your potential customers. Your restaurant becomes an option to dine at where you were not before... Stop hiding!

Social media marketing can be a great shop window into your restaurant but it will not be a driver to boost your business.

Help Grow Your Business

If it doesn’t generate ROI, we don’t want to know! We focus only on growing your business. With PPC you know exactly what every penny spent has generated your restaurant through our advanced tracking technology.

With social media & PR marketing it is hard to tell what is generating business and what is purely for vanity.

Who We Are

“If it doesn’t generate ROI – we don’t want to know. Our approach is focused on scalable conversion, making sure that every penny invested is a penny well spent.”

SideDish Media restaurant marketing opened for business in October 2016 and have built up a strong base of restaurants who trust us to manage their digital ad spend.

It wasn’t always about Google Ads! We tested many other types or marketing for restaurants, including social media marketing.

However, it quickly became clear that Google Ads generated the most bookings for our clients, hands down.

If customers are searching for YOUR restaurant category on Google, it is so important to be near the top of their results page. Being buried on page 4 is not good for business!

Now, SideDish Media restaurant marketing is a team of seven enthusiastic individuals, working together from their offices in Soho Square, London, to leave a huge digital footprint for catering businesses across the country.

We want to make SideDish Media your main meal when it comes to digital marketing and we want you to come back for seconds, so we do our utmost to meet campaign targets and be there with you every step of the way.


Don’t just take our word for it... See what our satisfied restaurant owners have to say
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Good Food Society
Genzo Greek
The Banc
Ricker Restaurants
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Bucket SeaFood

FAQ’s About SideDish Media

How much should my business spend on Google ads?
Over the last few years of testing numerous campaigns we have found the sweet spot with Google Ad’s for restaurant marketing. We try to be as conservative as possible and look after your money as if it were our own. We would advise no less than £500 ad spend, per campaign per month. This is enough budget for you to see a visible difference in your restaurant without breaking the bank.
How many covers can I expect?
As google is a live market and each restaurant is different, it is hard to give a specific number. Please enquire for our case study deck and let the numbers do the talking!
Do you guarantee results?
Google Ad’s is a live market and so is always changing. Because of this, we’re unable to guarantee success but we will always try to be as realistic as possible about the time-scales and costs involved in your project. As well as the most likely outcome, using the knowledge and experience that we have built in restaurant marketing.
How does Google ads work?
Google Ads, is Google’s advertising system where advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their click-able ads to appear in Google’s search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search. We target anywhere from 10 to 200 keywords and invest your money into the keywords which are preforming best for your restaurant.
How can you track the results?
We install two advanced tracking codes on your website which allows us to follow the customers journey once they have clicked on one of our adverts (We can only track a customer who come from our ads and not your direct traffic)
How do you know if we weren’t going to get these bookings already?
We only bid on search terms where your restaurant is not visible on Google. We conduct thorough research to see where the opportunities are for you to appear in the Google market.

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